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victor malvar
12-18-2006, 12:31 AM
Good Evenig to all of our Canadian friends,

We have never posted on the site before so Diane and I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate you taking us in.

1st We would like to wish everyone the best of the holidays and the New year just around the corner. May it bring the best of everything to each and every one of you in western Canada!!! and surrounding areas. We are pleased to be affliated with each and every one of you. We also want to bring some news to all of you about the PRI Show in Orlando. Disney World is a great place no doubt eh. Now the "PRI SHOW IS THE DISNEY OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY" It took me 3 days to walk 7 miles and every single car product you can imagine. We get to wear a badge around our neck and when you get to a certain booth such as Roush, Scopion Products such as Roller Rockers Valves, or Pistons, Shifters, Engine Management systems such as Diablo, SCT, or anything you can possibly think of. I got my badge scanned and I also told the reps or owners to please tell me what they would do for our cars. Some laughed at me but they listened to me as I felt our cars were as important as any of the other classics. They listened to my needs and the needs of others. I said please don't count our cars out just because they are getting old. I am getting old and sometimes people do let me know it but when it comes to needing parts my age dosen't matter much. We are starting a Historical web site for the SC, XR7 and Probably a section to include the LX and the LS. I wrote a book on this in the "Non Tech section of the main SCCoA Site. Read it as we will start this as soon as January or Febuary. of 2007. I will be speaking with Donna on how to get this going as a type of scrap book but it could be very large and as soon as we can get pictures of the SC OR XR7 owners etc. Plus a 3000 to 5000 charater small Bioagraphy of all it took for anyone who wants to be in this Historic site is welcome to send us a Picture of your Wheels and we will give you a section of your own to add you Can Domain or your page to show anyone as much more as you wish to add the this site. It will be a sort of member page silar slot so they can learn more about you and your car or cars some have more than just one. So this could be a big undertaking. In the scope of it will all entail. In the states we Have the "Give the Kids a Wish Foundation" for Children with termanally ill deases. They get what ever wish they want and the foundation pays for that wish they would like. We have been members of this Organization since it started and will continue to help fund it as long as we are alive. Even when we Die we have a certain part of our will that will go to that foundation. I wanted to tell you about this in case in Canadaians would all like to have a diffrent foundation where the funds from any Canadian funds could be sent to. We feel kids are all the same from every country it is just how hard it might be for the Canadian children to be a part of this great foundation which was Started by Harry Langsworth and the Mercury 7 Astronauts which we all met the day this foundation was formed. We sat with all of the 7 Austranauts and had breakfast with them. We will try to find these pictures of them and us and send these to you. Back to the PRI SHOW! We will be getting a lot more products which we will be showing in the www.spinningwheels-sc.com
Store. We made many good connections and next year around January or some possibly sooner you will have a lot more new items to choose from for your Gems! I made good contacts with great pricing we will pass to everyone at this chapter on a regular basis. We thank you for all your kind and courteous eMails and you can bet we will do the best we can to keep you all as happy with what we do to save you all some $$$. We also hope your Holiday Dinner will be filled with joy and friendship amoung all you guys and gals. Diane and I have been planning to visit next year. If you need us for anything at all just let us know. We will be sending you friendly reminders if we have your eMail addresses and ask you to send us you pictures of your cars as well as a brief history of why you did it your way! This will be called Up front and personal part of the site. Trust us we are prepared to give it our all for the good memories from the young and the older folks that have put so many hours and $$$ into your cars plus showing your persistency to have done your best to keep these Gems Rolling. Our Official eMail will be Dont-forget-it@earthlink.net. The best pictures would be a 400X600 Res. ot not more than 600X800 Resolution other wise we will have to resize alot of pictures and this sometimes can blurr the pictures. This is long enough already so we just want to say Cheers good health and Prosperity to all.
Victor and Diane
dont-forget-it@earthlink.net for the Community web site we are preparing to this for all of us as well as for our children to see what we did ourselves with our cars when they grow up they will akso have this to look at for as long as maybe 50 year from 2007. Many of us will be dust in the wind but our history will live on for many many year to come. Please read the site at the main SCCoA Non Tech forum..
Good Night from Florida!