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12-29-2006, 04:53 PM

My name is Mercy Jantz. I live in Baltimore, MD. I have a relationship with Fiber Parts Concets in PA, and would like ot offer a GP on Mercury, Mark VIII and T-bird cowl induction hoods.

Here is the low down on the Gp.
First, the comapny name is Fiber Concepts. Here is their contact information:

FiberConcepts, Inc.
1520 Campus Drive
Unit C
Warminster, PA 18974
Phone: 215-674-8990
Fax: 215-674-8991

You can contact the owner, his name is Rob.

Here would be the rules of the GP. I need a minimum group of 6 (six) buyers. They should be local to PA and surrounding states (i.e. NY, DE, MD, PA, NJ, and VA). THis is because they can SAVE MORE by not needing crate and frights fees. They would either pick up the hood from the factory itself, OR pick up from my location if it is not possible for me to deliver to them personally.

The hoods are being offered at a $75.00 discount and NO 6% sales tax. This savings along with NO crate and NO freight if they receive from the afformentioned states totals approx. a $200.00 savings PER hood had the buyers gone online, bought one for themselves, and had it shipped to their door. ANYONE can purchase from this group buy but they would need to pay for the shipping in they are outside these states and would at the least save the $75.00 and tax.

These are the SAME hoods offered on supercoupeperformance.com - Bill orders ALL his hoods through Fiber Concepts, so there is NO loss in quality to the hoods that everyone is expecting fro him. SCP does offer a propietary hood that is NOT available through this group buy. Taht is his signature hood and can not be sold through anyone but SCP, so buyers will not be able to purchase that one hood. All others are available through this program as is any other hood offered direct from Fiber Concepts, so truck hoods, datsun, MN12, Camaro, Impala, and a bunch of others are fine if the members care to order a differnet hood for another of their own cars.

I can be contacted at mercury267@cavtel.net OR 443-864-9144

I am not a member/partner, or employee of Fiber Concepts. I work for Innovative Stone a distributor of granite countertops to the Home Depot, so I am not gettng any "kick back" or payment from Rob for this GP. I have offered this same GP in the past with much success through Tccoa, Sccoa, MAMN12,com, TSTaCC.com, and Mark VIII.org.

If you have any forther questions please feel free to contact me or Rob at Fiber Concepts at your convenience.

Thank you,

01-02-2007, 07:37 AM