View Full Version : Car did something weird this morning

01-24-2007, 06:55 PM
I got in my 89 XR7 to drive to work this morning. I work less than a mile away, so the car doesn't really warm up on my drive in. Anyway, it started just fine, I pull out of my driveway, stop at the first light, go when the light turns green, then I stop at the second light and I am waiting to go left. I got the green arrow to go left and I give it gas and start coming off the clutch and the car stalled. I tried to restart it, but it wouldn't fire, then I figured it might be flooded, so I put the gas to the floor and tried again and it started right up. By this time the arrow is off, so I wait until it is clear and try again and the same thing happens. I restart it holding the gas to the floor and next time it is clear I revved the hell out of it and dumped the clutch and the car went fine. I pulled into the parking space at work and tried to rev it out of gear, and when I hit the gas I noticed there was a delay between when I would hit the gas and when it would rev up, and at one point it was actually showing like 3psi boost while I was trying to rev it in neutral. The car was still pulling about 18-20" vacuum at idle, and when I floored it from the light, it was still putting out like 13psi of boost and it pulled strong. Also when I went to leave work and drive home, the problem was gone. I would tend to think it was a vacuum leak, but usually those aren't intermittent, and also I would think if it were leaking then I wouldn't have full boost and full vacuum. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.