View Full Version : SC and LX A/C compressor

02-02-2007, 10:48 AM
Well, I'm halfway through my head gasket job and engine swap, and hit a little snag with the A/c compressor. The compressor for the Supercoupe is an inch or so longer than the LX one, so I can't bolt my compressor onto the SC bracket. Since the donor is a SC with an R12 system, and the receiver is an LX with R134a, I have no commonality to compare anything. For example, the A/C lines are different, but is that because of the SC/LX difference, or because of the R12/R143a difference? I can gut the SC compressor for now to use it, but eventually want to get air conditioning back. It will be a warm weather car, and the dates I end up on don't car how fast the car is if it is 85 degrees inside, LOL. Worst case I could dish out the money for a 95 SC compressor, but I don't want it to escalate to where I end up having to replace the lines and whole A/C system. Just looking for a little guidance from those that have seen more of these cars than me. Thanks.

Oh, a little background for those that haven't followed my other posts. I'm pulling the engine and trans out of my 90 SC (I REALLY hate to do it, but the car is literally rusting away) and puting the guts into my 95 LX 3.8.