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02-14-2007, 06:01 PM
Well guys and gals, Davie is heading down south permanently, and I need some assistance from anyone who cares to help. I'm moving to Douglasville, GA and I need a toy car to have in addition to my daily driver.

I'm looking for an 89-92 SC or XR7 Supercharged, but I won't disclose the amount I'm willing to spend, because that tends to "influence" people's asking prices, HAHAHA!

I will tell you that I'm looking for one that's running and in good condition both cosmetically and mechanically. I new head gasket isn't mandatory but would help in the "quickening" of the sale.

Name a price and we'll discuss it and work something out. I don't mind paying for shipping if the price on the car is right, but I really can't travel too far to pick it up due to the fact that no one will drive me out there, LOL!

Just putting this out there, I've been doing a lot of research, and due to the fact that I'm VERY SPECIFIC in what I want FROM a car, a lot of my choices (if not all of them) are European (BMW and Porsche topping the list)

I'll say this, I'm looking for a well paced, great handling vehicle that has looks to boot. BMW and Porsche have these, as well as a few Japanese cars that I have been looking at.

Don't get me wrong, America has some nice lookers, but lets face it dudes and dudettes, when it comes to building a proper car with good, or even decent, build quality, the American's aren't exactly what I'd call model citizens. And it gets even worse when we try to put out sports cars, LOL!

But I won't get into that, just let me know what we have available and hopefully I'll be able to pick one up ^_^


02-14-2007, 06:55 PM

there you go...

randall is in NY if you want to take a ride up there I'll go with ya hes not far from me


02-15-2007, 01:51 PM
Selling my 91 Auto SC. I bought another vehicle and need to move this one out. I've posted it before and I'm interested in all offers. I love this car, but not enough space means I have to downsize by one. Someone is going to be lucky. It's a 1991 Automatic SC. Black leather with the normal bolster wear, one small tear in the driver seat bottom and the 2 separated seams on the top of the back seat with a dash cover duea to cracks. The paint is nice with a few rock dings and a scratch on the front right bumpercover. NO RUST!!The windshield is scratched due to the previous owner forgetting the wipers needed blades (still very serviceable) and it needs an exhaust manifold gasket. The car still pushes out around 12-13 pounds thru the charger. Runs great! It is showing 148K on the clock. I'm putting a link to pictures and my member page. I need someone to take care of this car. It's a good one!! Hoping to get at least $1400.00 obo! Thanks!!

Plus I have frequent flier miles if you want to drive it home!


02-15-2007, 04:57 PM
Excellent deal guys, you guys are awesome, this has to be one of the best forums I've ever joined, I swear!

Just letting you know that these offers do mean a lot to me and I am definitely all about it, I just need to see where the money is headed first to see if we'll be picking up a car before or after the move.

An automatic SC, from those who know me, sounds fantastic for the around town sprints and for cruising up the highway, so I'll most likely be picking one up for that, if I do buy an automatic, I'll have to purchase a manual SC separately due to the fact that I have a lot of track races coming up and a rally from Maine to Miami as well. We'll see whats going on with those, however.

Keep the offers coming! I'm loving it and I'll definitely be going in the direction of an automatic for, as I said, cruising one way or another, so don't feel disappointed guys, it's time that I grow up anyway and leave the manny trannys for the track.


EDIT: RHARMYGUY: I looked at that SC . . .wow! She's pretty! That's a definite consideration.....hah . . wow! Very nice.