View Full Version : giving it up:(

04-11-2007, 05:54 PM
I have a 91 sc that i blew the engine back in 03, have been restoring it slowly so slowly in fact that the rust is faster. The body is in decent shape no dents or destruction but the clear coat left a few years back. Now the motor on the other hand was taken to a reputable machine shop, bored .20 over, the crank or the rods were turned .10 cant remember but Ill find out if interested. Forged pistons, heads were redone, 3 angle valve job, bowl blend and have the valve springs and comp cam from supercoupeperformance.com stage 2, rings bearings crank is in and bolted in, had most of the small parts for the engine powder coated supercharger was rebuilt prepped and primed with zinc never painted, roller rockers from scp... all this is still in a box and only opened for a short time by myself to drool over. I just have to give it up, no space no time tired of waisting money on something I probably never finish. I hate to do it, I loved that car but somethings just have to be done. I do not want to crush it, I would cry, yes actual tears, and my Mk Viii would probably not start for me anymore or leave me stranded somewhere. I live in central Florida near Orlando and all large parts would have to be picked up in person everything else I'll ship and sell at a fair price. I know some of these parts are hard to find and I do not want to see them go to waste. The shell and interior I would like to get rid of whole but will part out if it comes to it. Email me at [email protected] if interested.