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04-30-2007, 05:27 PM
Email Address: myphoenix2001@yahoo.com (Mario Andretti)
flyinhigh89@yahoo.com (Andy Andy)
User Name: Tonezsc
Vendor/Individual: Individual


I bought a set of wheels and lowering springs from Tonezsc earlier this month. I didn't get my stuff and he can't return any of my messages so I thought I would see if any one knows him or could help me out. I paid him through paypal and they are working on it now. I would rather him had just shipped the stuff.
I know he lives in southern Orlando. I got his phone number from a forum he was on trying to buy a car from some one. It's 1-616-901-2146. I would gladly take this off if he would just ship the stuff or at least let me know what's going on.
If anyone in Orlando can help I have his home address. My email adress is alijr97@yahoo.com