View Full Version : New Remanned ABS, Racks, Power Steering Pumps, New Charged Accumulator Balls etc.

victor malvar
05-11-2007, 10:59 AM
Hello To the SCCoA Community.

We at Spinningwheels-sc are happy to bring these new products to everyone in the SC community. These ABS units, Accumulator Balls, ABS motors, Power Steering Pumps and Rack and Pinions are COMPLETELY re-manufactured in the USA. I have been working on bringing all these parts to you who may need any variety of these items at very good prices with limited warranties. We will also offer these same items for many make and models. Of course, cores will be required. The rack and pinions come in raw metal and they may possibly be able to be chromed, polished or painted. We will update you once we know our choices. We are now currently working on listing them in our store. It should be complete by late today or Monday. If you have any questions or want quotes on any make and model, just email us.
Don't forget MOTHER'S DAY!!!
Victor and Diane