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05-19-2007, 04:37 AM
Hey guys!

Chevrolet is having their nearly annual Rev-It-Up racing school event! Event cost has gone down a LOT, it's only $25 now!

It's at El Toro AFB http://www.revitup.com.

I am scheduled for Slot 2 on Saturday, July 14, which is at 9:20 am. I will be there earlier.
There is a LOT you get to do! It's been hella fun every year I've gone (been going for 3 years now)

What you get to do:
Do TWO timed competitive laps against friends and other drivers in your class to (theoretically) WIN a 2008 Corvette (if you are the fastest driver of the event, you get to move on to nationals, then if you win there, the vette is yours)

Participate in no fewer than 4 driving skills clinics which offer PROFESSIONAL instruction on the finer points of car control, the racing line, braking and tire performance, featuring Chevy's SS lineup.

TEST DRIVE an INFINITE number of times in any combination ALL of Chevy's current SS vehicle lineup (Corvette and Z06 are not included in the test drive section)

DRIVE A VETTE! If you are a registered competitor, you get to drive the Corvette in one of the skills clinics!

Drive 25 laps in the enduro-karts ($10 extra)

Ride-Along with a professional race driver on a time-attack lap in the 505hp Z06 vette ($10).

Anyhow, it's fun as hell, particularly with friends, and 2 months notice is hella advance notice. So there's NO REASON not to go. Post up here when you've registered-- I'm registered, are you?

It is basically a competitive autocross, using automatic Cobalt SS vehicles.


El Toro
(Formerly El Toro Marine Corps Air Station)
Gate 9, Marine Way
Irvine, CA 92618
Map / Directions
July 13th, 3pm - 10pm
July 14th, 9am 10pm

What I'd REALLY like to do is get kind of a group-event going on where everybody meets up near El Toro AFB for breakfast at like 7am, roll on over there at 8:40, mess around with their test drive vehicles before the competition bit opens, then report for the competition laps at 9:20am.

The direct signup link https://www.revitup.com/SignMeUp.asp

If you have other questions, those can be addressed directly at the FAQ.