View Full Version : SC,s grow like weeds

05-31-2007, 12:42 PM
man they keep on poping up inmy yard like weeds red sc is a gift from Ole Bonefield I will repay him he let me have it free but ill pay him for it soon though he didnt require any payment this man is great.
http://thumb1.webshots.net/t/59/759/1/83/97/2641183970034851261lOXsVD_th.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2641183970034851261lOXsVD)

05-31-2007, 02:08 PM
well manny if you got some stock mufflers i could use a good set bro and also a couple door panels if there black?? corner lights as well lol let me know if i can snag them from you

06-04-2007, 02:33 AM
Want to add one more? We've got a dead one sitting here that we need to get rid of ASAP.