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06-01-2007, 10:22 PM
**Prices include shipping anywhere in continental USA**
***(Large, items will NOT be shipped, pickup only in Appomattox, VA)***

Payment by PayPal only ([email protected]), first come first served.

All mechanical & electrical parts were in good working order when removed, however,
ALL items are sold “as-is”, no warranty is stated or implied.
Pictures available upon request, some items will be on eBay

Click here for eBay listings -->http://motors.search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsnjcrist

Once an item is listed on eBay, it can not be bought from this listing, it will go to the highest bidder.

This is just a partial listing, if it's not listed...ASK ! [email protected]

Unless noted, these parts are from my 13 sec. (before it blew:mad: ) ‘92 SC w/110k miles.
(Disassembly has just begun, please allow a day or 2 for some parts to be removed)

Updated: 6/1/07

Questions or requests--Please send PM or email me directly.

Engine Compartment:

Underdrive pulleys (2 piece)--$50----------------------------------------------------------SOLD
Battery Tray--$25/delivered
Motorcraft DIS module--$80/delivered
Wells DIS module--$50/delivered
Accel Adjustable Fuel pressure regulator (3 bolt) $35-----------------------------------SOLD
Fuel rail--$40/delivered-----------------------------------------------------------------------SOLD
Lucas 42lb. fuel injectors (set of 6)--$200/delivered**EBAY**
Fuel injector wiring harness--$40/delivered------------------------------------------------SOLD
‘89 DIS Cam sensor & Ignition Module wiring harness--$30/delivered---------------SOLD
'94-95 Supercharger--$400/delivered--------------------------------------------------------SOLD
'94-95 Upper Inlet plenum ported to 75mm t/body below-$150/delivered-------------SOLD
‘89-95 Inlet plenum (lower)--$50/delivered**EBAY**
BBK 75mm Throttle body--$200/delivered***EBAY***
Intake Manifold --$35/delivered
Intercooler fan--$75/delivered***EBAY***
Intercooler tubes--$40/each/delivered
Cylinder heads (Ported & chamber work)--$300/pair/delivered-------------------------SOLD
Fel-Pro head set (Head and upper gaskets NEW IN BOX)--$125/delivered
Ford 1.73:1 roller rockers--$200/delivered--------------------------------------------------SOLD
Valve covers--$40/each delivered
Iridium spark plugs (installed, never fired)--$20/delivered-------------------------------SOLD
Piston w/rod--$50/ea**delivered
Oil pan--$50/delivered
Mustang OEM Tube headers (will not bolt up to stock SC exhaust)-$100------------SOLD
Down tubes w/converters & O2 sensors for above headers--$100 (pickup)
True Dual H-pipe--$75 (pickup)
Complete bolt-on exhaust as listed above(tube headers to tailpipes)--$250 (pickup)
Stock ‘90 Exhaust manifold w/EGR tube--$25/each**/delivered**EBAY**
Stock ‘90 Exhaust manifold--$20/each/delivered**EBAY**
C&L 76mm MAF (calibrated for 89-93 w/42#)--$120/delivered-----------------------SOLD
K&N 9”conical filter (NEW--installed, but never ran)--$25/delivered-----------------SOLD
Chrome throttle body inlet tube--$40/delivered--------------------------------------------SOLD
Coil pack--$30/delivered----------------------------------------------------------------------SOLD
Air silencer--$10/delivered
Stock air tubes--$10/delivered
Stock air boxes--$10/delivered
NEW Radiator w/ IC bracket (auto)--$100 (pickup)**EBAY**
Power steering pump w/ EVO sensor, & bracket --$60/delivered**EBAY**
Motor bracket (pass.side)--$90/delivered
Timing cover--$40/delivered
Idler belt tensioner pulleys--$20 each/delivered
Washer Fluid container & pump w/VMM--$30/delivered
Coolant overflow tank w/VMM--$30/delivered
A/C Compressor (R-134)--$75/delivered
Alternator w/underdrive pulley--$50/delivered
NEW water pump (brand new in the box)--$55/delivered
Radiator fan--$75/delivered***ON EBAY***
Fan control module-$50/delivered
Harmonic balancer w/bolt & washer--$100 /delivered
Crank sensor w/bracket--$30/delivered-----------------------------------------------------SOLD
Cam sensor--$20/delivered**EBAY**

Interior : Black Leather

Power front seats (buyer must pickup)--$100/each
Rear seat bottom (buyer must pickup)--$50
Auto dimmer rear view mirror--$45
Auto climate control panel--$50
Cluster trim for LED w/auto dimmer hole--$20
Cluster trim with auto dimmer cut out--$30
Cluster trim w/out auto dimmer cut out--$25
Dash--$75 (Pickup)---------------------------------------------------------------------SOLD
Steering wheel (horn pad not included)--$40
Steering wheel horn pad & SC logo-$40
Cruise control switches--$30/set
Panel under steering wheel--$25
Center console (auto)--$125 complete
Console bases--$35
Console tops (auto.)--$40
Console armrest--$40
Sunvisor w/lighted mirror (Black-Sunroof)--$25/each
Sunvisor lighted mirror--$10
Door panels (no cup or switch holder)--$60/ea (pickup only)
Door switch holder w/switches--$35/ea
Rear window defroster switch--$15
Complete instrument cluster(‘92)--$80
Instrument cluster w/tach & boost/fuel guage(‘90)--$50
Instrument cluster w/tach & oil gauge(‘90)--$40
Boost Gauge / Fuel gauge--$20
Oil pressure gauge--$15
Turn signal/wiper switch--$30
Headlight switch--$20
Power antenna switch--$20
Door switch holders--$15/each
Door/window switches--$10/each
Ride control switch--$25
Fog light switch--$15
Seatbelt motors--$35/each
Power window motors--$35

Exterior: (Oxford White)

GTS headlight covers --$30
Power mirrors--$40/each
Bumper covers (fair condition)--$100/each (pickup)
Ground effects (6 piece side skirt set)--$250
Ground effect pieces--$50/each
Fenders w/corner light cutouts--$50/ea (pickup)
Doors w/glass--$100 (pickup)
Cervini Mach-1 Hood--$400 (pickup)***EBAY***
Turn Signals (front or rear) --$30 ea.
Cornering lights - $30/ea
Wiper motor--$45**
Moonroof motor--$50
Quarter glass--$50/ea
Rear spoiler w/brake light--$100---------------------------------------------------SOLD

Misc. :

‘92 Gas tank--$75 (Pickup)
Stock rear sway bar---$50
Stock front sway bar--$50
Set of 4 stock ARC shocks--$75
Stock SC rims - $50/each or $175/all 4
Stock center caps - $45/set of four
Eibach lowering springs--$150**
ABS unit complete--$400
Wiper arms--$20/pair
EEC computer(92 SC auto)--$50
ABS computer--$50
ARC Computer--$50
Ride control (ARC) sensors--$20/each

06-02-2007, 08:50 PM
i dont see the radiator fan listed on ebay?? still for sale?