View Full Version : I bought a mustang, sorry haha.

06-03-2007, 11:02 AM
I got one of these:



88 LX notch 4 cyl auto.

rip out the 4 banger, insert 4.2L single-port w/ nitrous and finish the M112 install in the foxbody, built AODW with 3200 stall 9.5" converter and manual lentech VB. The 4 cyl's come with a 7.5" rear but it has 3.73's from the factory. Only problem is that it's probably an open diff. I've got a t-lok 3.73 8.8 though for when I find a bigger housing. FRPP aluminum DS, tubular front k-member with a-arms and coil overs, rear lowering springs, tubular axle/frame arms and some other suspension pieces. Need to buy a dumple-hump tranny crossmember to fit the true dual 2.5" exhaust with no cats and dumps at the front of the axle. It's gonna be loud :D

End result, 4.2L M112 supercharged with Zex dry nitrous in a lightweight body perfect for drag racing.


06-03-2007, 11:41 AM
any reason you want to drop the six banger in there instead of the dohc?

06-03-2007, 11:47 AM
because Im a sixer kinda guy I guess. Ive still got the 95 white t-bird which was what the DOHC was for. But I guess Im just tired and seeing v8 swapped foxbodies. I dont really like doing whateverybody else does, which is why I shy'd away from mustangs in the first place. But an 88 notch is sexy, and with a six banger supercharged on nitrous I think it'll turn more heads than the 5.0 runners. The 5.0 swap fox's are more popular than foxbodies that CAME with them. And the M112 on that 4.2 will be a pretty torquey bastard and Im almost finished developing it. Plus my 93 is rusted to ~~~~ and not worth keeping as a car, and thats what the v6 is in.