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06-03-2007, 11:29 AM
Well, since Ive bought this mustang (as seen in the other post in this forum) I'm putting my 93's engine and tranny in to it, along with ALL the wiring and other components. I'll be parting it out. I'm doing this because it is getting holes from rust in the rocker panels, and after this last winter of storing it, when I removed the trunk carpet, I noticed rust eating through the shock towers. Its not worth repairing. I hate to do it, this was the first car I ever put any money in to, and the first car I ever payed for myself at the age of 17. I've put a lot of work in to this but it's time to cut my losses and move on.

Parts for sale: #'s 1-10 have never been on the car, 11 and on are from the car.
______never installed_______
1. Mark VIII aluminum rear LCA's. sandblasted, need new bushings. NEVER USED - $120

2. Aluminum Driveshaft from TCCoA Group Purchase for AOD car. I know this isnt the Reinhart MMX. It was another company, but I cant remember right off hand. Seems the thread on TCCoA was deleted after the GP closed. NEVER USED - $325

3. 89-93 Xenon GFX. front and rear valances need repainted, side skirts are brand new. (might consider splitting, fi you SC guys just want the front) - $550

4. 1989 SC front swaybar. Perfect condition. - $75

5. 1997 F-150 4.2L upper intake manifold - $40

6. SHO Spoiler, forest green, small crack, but not serious, repairable - $75

7. 1989 SC intrument cluster 180k - $30

8. Mark VIII Aluminum differential, 3.08 open - $100

9. 1989 SC intercooler tubes - $30

10. MN12Performance.com's wheel hop eliminator kit. Includes, ALL rear IRS bushings, differential case cover support, reinforced rear diff mount, IRS pinion brace, 89SC rear swaybar poly bushings and LX shock mounts, automatic transmission solid mount and crossmember mount, IRS poly mount bushings, poly control arm bushings. NEVER USED - $400

______removed from the car___________

11. Eibach Pro 1.5" lowering springs, 20k - $150

12. Tokico Blue shocks, 15k - $100

13. 2.25" true dual exhaust with 97 ported shorty headers with header wrap, CATCO high flow cats, and Borla glass packs, 18" stainless 3" rolled lip tips - paid 600 for everything - $400

14. 255LPH HP fuel pump, this is the High Pressure version that MN12Performance.com used to sell, and now I can not find anywhere, would like to sell as a whole fuel pump and sending unit assembly, and even with the tank if someone wants to convert their 89-90 to the newer style tank. - $250

15. 4 fanblade 15" wheels with crap tires - $100

16. 2 fanblade 15" wheels, painted charcoal with silver lip and silver bird in the center cap (my drags) - $50

17. 89 SC black leather power adjustable seats with inflatable backseat and side bolsters. Need recovered, but they are comfy and work well. The plastic switch cover on the driver side is broken, weird huh? lol - $100

18. 89 SC black leather rear fold down seat with metal H style support, these are dried out at the very top and slightly ripped where the leather contracted and shrunk a little. The bottom seat is in pretty damn good shape. I actually never used this. - $100

19. I also have the black carpet from the interior and the trunk of the 89 SC, along with all the door panels and rear quarter interior plastics. Id take an offer on these parts.

20. 89-93 Mach1 Hood. I'm not sure of the maker of this hood, it is painted flat black (ready to sand and paint) and has holes for hood pins. I will sell the flush mount locking hood pins and pin mounting brackets with it, along with the hood lift supports. This hood has the metal reinforced latch, but hood pins are the only safe way to go. - $350

I'm also considering selling my DOHC project, which is completely disassembled to the base block, but is all ready to be put back together minus needing some honing on the cylinders. There is virtually no ridge at the top of the cylinders where the piston rings stop, which means VERY little wear. I have ALL the gaskets, A-series Federal Mogul rod bearings (mains still look very good, and Id reuse them to prevent needing machine work), water pump, belt, belt, alternator, thermostat housing, injectors, fuel rail, alternator bracket, top coolant pipe, 24# Injectors, and 3 different intake manifolds: 1 stock mark viii intake manifold, 1 porting mark viii intake manifold, and 1 Lincoln Continental intake manifold (the conti manifold is cast alumium instead of welded bent tubes, which means this can be extremely ported or extrude honed far more than the mark viii intake can be, and also has a deeper floor of the tank area, which means more volume and, which means more power and instant cylinder fill at launch. Also have 98 cobra cams, the valve covers are snad blasted for powder coating, exhaust manifolds are painted with a high temp 'ceramic' flat black, and the passenger side manifold has had the catalytic converter removed (built in to the manifold from the factory) and had a 2.5" flange welded on. 6qt oil pan. The heads are stock but had planned on porting them, and still can if someone is willing to opt for that. I had planned on putting down 300rwhp with this setup. I have about 1000 dollars in to this engine and Im taking offers.

Im going to give you guys here a few weeks first dibs on these things before I go to the national forums (for sale forums on tccoa, sccoa, etc). I'd like to see the spirit of my car live on in these areas, and also dont want to ship it all lol.


06-14-2007, 06:42 PM

This stuff is going on the other boards now so grab what you want while you can.


06-14-2007, 11:57 PM
Thomas, the company that manufactured the driveshafts for that TCCOA group purchase is Precision Shaft Technologies (PST) in Clearwater, FL.