View Full Version : do i need rebuild kit when i install a ripper?

08-23-2002, 07:01 PM
i wanted to know if i should go ahead and get the ford parts to repair my shifter when i install a ripper . is the kit still needed to help the shifting ? thanks guys

08-23-2002, 09:24 PM
I may be wrong, but I don't think you have to worry about that. I think that the ripper comes with ever thing you need in the shifter area. That is if you are asking about the bushings in the shifter area. As for shifting better I don't know. Some say it is the best thing since the Super Coupe itself. Others say that it is difficult to get in gear due to the style of tranny we have.


Les Borda
08-23-2002, 10:53 PM
Mixed emotions on the Ripper or is that stripper. About a year or so ago some of the trannies ended up with bent shifter forks and the owners were certain it was from the ripper. Point to note the forks are end of life from Ford and they had a hell of a time getting them a year ago.

Mike Puckett
08-24-2002, 01:04 PM
No problem with my ripper. It's pretty hard to bend the forks. Set the stops on the ripper and that shouldn't be a problem. The ripper will replace all the Ford parts so you don't need them.