View Full Version : Shake rattle and roll..

91 XR7
07-14-2007, 11:27 PM
More of just a shake..
But Driving my '89 around today.. i notice on slight inclines in 3rd, around 1300-1600ish RPM and typically around 5 inches of Vacuum, the Engine starts to shake, even up through the steering colum.. but if i ease off or onto the gas.. (enough to move the Vac/boost guage from @5inchs of Vac) it goes away..

Haven't tried it in 4th.. and 1st and 2nd is hard to get it to stay there (less load thanks to the TC not being locked up)

Other wise the car idles and runs smooth.. and gets decent boost (for a 120,000mile engine) There is the odd starting issue (a fair amount of cranking then it finally fires, along with a mild rough idle when it does it, 'till it clears itself or you blip the throttle, whichever comes first) , along with now the IRCM keeping the cooling fan on..

I amit this is minor, but annoying thou, since around here, people are to scared to push the gas pedal to go up a Hill, and being that the AOD's TC is locked in 3rd and 4th, it can be loaded down nicely

07-15-2007, 08:12 AM
Motor mounts......

91 XR7
07-15-2007, 10:04 AM
the car now has a hair over 500kms (310kms) on it since i put the engine back in, with soild rubber motor mounts.. and i haven't been driving it THAT! hard.. (compared to my '91, this car is being BABIED!!!!) Being an Auto its easy enough to find out if it's a Motormount.

I hate to go in there to do it thou.. I could always part it out like i planed when i went to go see the car the first time :)

07-15-2007, 04:45 PM
Ok.. not motor mounts then ;).

About the occasional hard start issue. Mine used to do that, until I replaced my fuel pump with a new 255lph one, which would make me think that the original pump was old and tired and wasn't strong enough to purge vapour lock, but who knows. It was the only thing that I changed that seem to stop that problem.

91 XR7
07-15-2007, 07:11 PM
I've been debating that too (fuel pump) Since the car did sit for nearly 18 months before i bought it and replaced the engine.. So who knows how the gas was, or how much moisture got into the tank, ect, ect

But it does it at random times.. Since the car does sit sometimes for weeks.. I can get into it after it's been sitting a week, turn the key and it'll take 3-5 seconds before it starts (upshift light fades away during) and sometimes it'll run rough after it or just fine.. I can repeat it the next week and it'll fire right up..

But the Shuddering thing at 1300-1600 RPM in 2rd and just with @ 5 inch of vac.. is just weird.. Other wise it's nearly smooth as silk :)