View Full Version : Bleeding Clutch / Bad Master cylinder ?

07-25-2007, 05:40 PM
Im trying to bleed the clutch system .. I have a used Master cylinder, and a fairly new clutch and slave cylinder.

So first Im bleeding the clutch fluid line as outlined in the service manual. When the clutch pedal is slowly pressed while the valve is opened on the line, some fluid comes out but not much. If we pump the pedal more times and then I open it, more fluid comes out.

Is it possible the master cylinder isnt working properly ? Or should we keep trying to bleed it ? I dont see the slave cylinder move at all after hooking the line up and trying to pump it / bleed it out through the slave. Fluid comes out, but nothing moves, and the pedal is still soft.

What would be the symptoms of a bad master cylinder ?

- Dan

07-25-2007, 09:00 PM
As for bleeding the clutch what i prefer to do is get a little oil can, crack the bleeder, attach a hose to the oil can and the bleeder and pump the fluid up the lines. I have done this to a few vehicles and it works great to get all the air out of the lines. I would try to bleed it this way and if that doesn't work go from there.