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07-28-2007, 11:29 PM
Well working on the master cylinder on my 90 today all but one brake fitting came loose properly. The one leaving the master cylinder down to the block that then goes to the rear twisted the line.

The line fitting is for a bubble flare metric. No such thing exists at parts stores. The steel fitting that is screwed into the master cylinder appears to be an adapter to go from a bubble flare female to a double flare male.

So, anyone experience with replacing this stuff? I figure I'll have to find a place on Monday that has some Eaton stuff in stock. The fitting at the block is very tight yet as well and I haven't gotten loose yet. Going to pickup a crowsfoot 14mm wrench tomorrow and see if I can get it loose that way.

Why do manufacturers continue to use this junk tubing and fittings on cars? Why not high quality stainless steel with single flare JIC 37deg fittings?

My terrible history with brake lines continues

O.k. measure and we have Brake line fitting is 12mm x 1.00 bubble flare. Fitting into the valve block at the master cylinder is a female 12mm x 1.00 bubble flare adapter to 10mm x 1.0 male thread invert. My guess is that at the block down by the frame rail we have a 12mm x 1.00 bubble flare as well. Now to find an adapter that will take the 12mm x 1.00 bubble flare into a SAE standard double flare on both ends so I can use a standard replacement brake line, or try and get fancy. arggg.