View Full Version : Manual Trannies are cool

07-28-2007, 11:51 PM
I had been having problems with my tranny when it last ran (in 2005 or so) not going into 3rd or 4th depending on how hot it was, if I was going up or down hill, how fast I was going, etc, etc, etc. Anyway, the reason I have not driven it in such a long time was because I am trying to take it to the next level (or two) after finding my intake leak causing the milkshake inside.

To bring us up to date, I have been doing other odds and ins like adding another bar to the rear upper to eliminate wheel hop, solid mount the pumpkin, weld the rear subframe, add aluminum LCAs, add FMIC, and a few other things too. I started pulling the engine a few months ago and have not gotten very far. Its bare and still in the car but tonight I was on fire. I got it all ready to go except for taking the tranny off. I thought, I may as well drain it so I can take it out with the egine and not worry about the leak.

I went to drain about two quarts out and figured that would be good but the drain plug would not come out of the tranny. I could see the magnet but it felt like there was something attached. When I got a few quarts out, it did would not thread back in. So I shove a rag or two on the floor under it and cut a litter bucket up and shove it under there. Now I go to qull the drain plug and I pulled on it, and it would not let go. I mean literaly it was STUCK. I gave it a final tug a twist at the same time and it came out. Stuck on the end of it was a synchronizer key. There was a dent in the magnet and there is still something in the way when I put the plug back in. I cant WAIT to see what is in there. I guess its a good thing I have a spare:D I will post the pix when I get the top off of it in a few days (I hope)...