View Full Version : Front suspension rebuild

07-29-2007, 12:27 PM
Hey Folks,

Over a year ago I installed the full Tokico lowering kit and I was amazed at the difference of the ride of the car.

I've now just completed a front spindle conversion to a '94 SC style with replacing the lower control arms, tie rod ends, the bushings on both ends of strut rod (radious arm in the manuals) and the end links. I didn't do the UCA's cause I replaced them last year as well......

All I can say is WOW!!!! :eek: WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!!

No more rattles, the front feels ALOT more stable and alot more firm... she's just a different animal to drive. Anyone that says the Tokico stuff sucks... think again :D

I tweaked the alignment close to what FastEd has recommended and now I'm able to pull corners better than before, and under more control. I just need to find a good garage around that does 4 wheel aligments and finalize the settings I've got set up. Unfortantely the garages around me will not do anything other than Ford spec :( so I need to head to the city.

BTW I'm using the LCA's, the tie rod ends and the end links that Bill sells at SCP. The only issue I had with them on the tie rods I couldn't use the cotter pins for the nuts on either side because even at full torque spec the hole was too low. I used red lock tite for now.

Now I need to look at what I can replace in the rear :D