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07-30-2007, 08:50 PM
Hi Brian, good to hear from you, My car is running the best it ever has. But like you I don't get out much I did make it to RI but could not stay long it was a great hot rod shop with nice people there. The Ford show is going to there rain date Aug 5 but I will be at Pocono for the Nascar race. The time we had the SC toy run the little guy in the car seat is now 14 and six feet tall. He is looking at the keys to the SC every day There is some great shows coming up, the show in Meriden has a burn out pit that is the best. I will post the shows as they come up. I hope all your family is well. Some day will get a meet together.

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Sorry about the spelling

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Sorry about the spelling

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I learned two things today more than most! Thank you:)