View Full Version : Anyone in DFW or East Texas area?

07-30-2007, 11:54 PM
Anyone in the DFW or East Texas area want to help with a Head Gasket Job on my 400rwhp SC? I took the car after getting it to Dallas Mustang and they blew the gasket on the dyno...long story short...they tuned it wrong, did not watch the boost and put in too much timing while turning off the safety features on the eec to pull timing so it blew a gasket and now I need some help...I can do it myself but I would prefer some help from others who have done it before...This car has just about everything you can put on the SC including an AR so it is a beast...one more reason why I want to make sure it is done right....send me an email at manley992000@yahoo.com and lets get together...thx

Here is a link to my car on Tccoa...dyno run and exhaust