View Full Version : Complete Inner-Door Rebuild

08-08-2007, 07:19 AM
Well, I'm sure it's been done out there before, but last night I finally got tired of my window sticking on it's way up (and sometimes down) I tried cleaning the weatherstripping, changing the motor, greasing everything real good - everything. Finally, I decided to try to tear the whole door apart. I took EVERYTHING out of the door and found that the riveted-in regulator itself was hanging up a little bit. So I swapped one with a parts car - let me tell you, that was fun. :o So once I finally got it all back together and tested it out, it still would hang up in the same two spots on the way up! To shorten the story, I found that the worm gear inside the motor would chew on the big plastic gear when the window regulator was hanging up, so once I change the plastic gear in the motor, everything works! (again)

So if your window is sticking (in my case, halfway and 3/4 way up) your regulator may need changed. :D