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08-13-2007, 03:57 PM
i am having a number of problems with my sc I will # them so i know which one you are answering :(

#1 when i start my car it idles great for about 10 mins and then the idle drops down to about 600rpm and the car sounds like it has a 700 lift cam.

#2 i am having a problem with overheating and i believe it is the radiator(i prey) what else could it be. i am loosing coolant but the car doesn't seem to be producing white smoke at all. on the top of the radiator i can see a small pin hole leak could that do it? it isnt spraying just a bubble know and then.

#3 Electrical things are starting to quit working slowly. first it was the lil key pad on the door, then the interior lights stopped coming on when the door opens, now the cruse control doesn't work, oh yea and the blower for the hvac wont change it is on constant defroster.

#4 i have a bump in the back end everytime i accelerate or change gears. it seems to be coming from the diff area.

#5 i recently obtained a extra sc motor that seems to have many upgrades. how do i get the dang sc pully off of that motor and should i put it on my car the pully seems to be about 3/4 of an inch if not an inch smaller across than my pully about what % overdrive is it

#6 some times the car wont start i turn the key and i hear the silonoid click but no start. after the car sits for a while (2 days) it will start but after a short time of driving the problem is back.

i would really appriciate any help i can get

sincerly Billy Lowry

and ps: i need a new tranny

08-13-2007, 05:28 PM
#1 and #2 can possibly be related if you have a head gasket leak. If you have a way of obtaining a tool to pressurize the cooling system you will find out real quick if you have an external coolant leak. Pull your spark plugs to see if if any of them have evidence of coolant burnt on them.

After doing a bunch of mods to my car I took my radiator to a shop to have it checked over, and mine was too sludged up inside to pass. May be part of the problem. Funny thing is I mainly only took it their because I had a pinhole leak, glad I had it checked out.

#3 Check fuses first off and see what you find. I think someone else can help you out more then I here, no experience with any of these problems at once.

#4 Sounds like u-joints on the driveshaft are going bad

#5 Sounds like a pretty small pulley, be careful you may need exhaust and intercooler mods to be able to handle a pulley smaller then 5%.

You need to run a scantest and see what kind of codes you come up with and go from their.

Check this stuff out, get back with me. Should keep ya busy and out of trouble for a little while at least.


08-13-2007, 06:10 PM

Look under the drivers side carpet and find the wire bundle.....

Cut the black tape that Ford used to wrap the bundle with.....

Find the green / yellow wires and look for a splice where is goes from 3 wires to 4......

I'll bet you will find the splice corroded......:eek:

I cut the wires back and soldered a jumper wire in its place.....

Do a search for splice and see what comes up......

08-13-2007, 06:47 PM
2. When was the water pump last replaced?

3. Check all your fuses, and all the connetcions you have access to. You may have the corded splice or a bad ground or loose plug connection.

4. Could be the U-joints..could be trouble with the bearing in the axle itself.
Do you half shafts feel tight?

5. Until you upgrade your exhaust system, I'd hold off on the pulley for now.

6. Check you starter solonoid, the hot wire running to the starter and maybe the neutral safety switch