View Full Version : Water Temp , Oil Pressure gauges

08-16-2007, 03:17 PM
I still have the stock gauges with the stock connections no oil pressure mod has been done.

Problem is that since putting the tune in the car both gauges almost peg actually the oil pressure did peg, but when the tune is taken out and stock put back in it runs rich, but the gauges both read normal.

The oil pressure reads between 4.5 to 7.5 psi, so it's more or less and idiot light, but other than voltage change what could make it peg?

I know both of those gauges are controlled by the same voltage, so wondering if somehow that tune is effecting that voltage. Problem is the tune is built off of the stock file and all that has been changed thus far is MAF, cranking vs temp, and displacement size. That would mean the tune should have nothing to do with either of those gauges, but for some reason it seems to affect them.

Anyone have any ideas? Thinking of taking the belts off and checking the oil sendor, but that has nothing to do with the wiring. Going to check both wire connections and make sure they are fine, but it's very strange.

Going to go with mechanical water temp and electric oil pressure soon, but until then would like to know both are in the "safe zone."