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09-10-2007, 01:39 PM
Last year I was driving my white 1990 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe down I84 east getting ready to exit to the Manchester/Buckland off ramp on my way to Home Depot. I exited and had a line of cars in front of me and several on my right side. It was a heavy traffic day which I typically encountered on a Saturday afternoon. Late in September it’s typically not in the mid 80's but today was an exception, so i had the a/c running to keep me and the wife cool. We were at the stop light about 10 cars in front of the interaction to turn left onto the Buckland Hills road. On my left was a line of trees engulfed with bittersweet vines that were bright red with ripe berries. The foliage sort of over hung the access road we were on which sort of created a shady spot were we rested waiting for the light to turn green.

Out of nowhere a very large flock of birds flew right over the intersection just to the left of where we were stopped. They were after the bitter sweet berries that had grown up into the trees. All of a sudden this liquid with chewed up better sweet berries began falling from the sky like a cloud burst of raining bird poop. It was so thick it covered both the entire front and rear windshield of my car to the point where I had to run the washers and wipers to clean it off.

The stop light couldn’t have changed quick enough as it seemed like at least another minute before it turned green. I said to the wife “My car was covered with bird poop!” She was dumb founded and said nothing, like she was in shock as to what had just happen. Finally the dam light changed and we slowly rounded the corner where another stop light was red. Along the right side of me pulled up a 2002 white Chrysler Labaron. It was covered with bird poop but the roof was clean. My wife looking inside the window and she noticed that the lady driving had bird poop all over her. She must have had the top down when the storm of bird poop rained on her.

I finally got to Home Depot and when we got out of the car, it looked like a white car with red poke-a-dot all over it. Nasty as it was, I had no choice to drive the car around Manchester until I got it home so I could wash the bird poop off.

To this day I will not drive down that access road. I’ll go another 2 miles around to the South Windsor exit and fight the traffic past the mall before I’d ever experience something like that again.

09-10-2007, 03:57 PM
I'm on that ramp all the time. I'll have to make sure to keep my windows up....

Pretty funny about the woman in the convertable....I'm sure it sucked to be her but in hindsight it's darn funny.

09-10-2007, 05:04 PM
I am glad I live in Middlefield were the cows can`t fly:):)