View Full Version : 94 SC parts. Clearing out garage

09-25-2007, 07:13 PM
All of the following are for a 94 SC. I have a 94 Auto tranny ( high geared)that is rebuildable, complete with converter. Has been stored inside with converter attached. Console and auto shifter pieces. Brake pedal assembly for stick. Differential for a 94 automatic w/trac assist. Differential is good. Axle assemblies for same. One has a boot leak but bearings are good. Radiator seperate from bracket. Radiator has not been used. 5-speed that needs sliders, rest is ok. Brass sliders will come with it. $350 as is. $450 w/sliders installed. Tranny is out of 89.

Several front fenders for 89, no rust, no serious damage. Trash doors for 89 but glass and electric window parts are there. Hinges for an 89. Sunroof assembly for 89. Front end and rear end parts are still there but diff. is gone, calipers and discs are gone. This car is on it's way to the crusher. Windshield is ok if you can get it out without breaking it. Hood and trunk are trash. Bumper covers goone but main bumper still there.

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