View Full Version : complete supercharger setup in san diego

10-12-2007, 07:46 PM
its not actually me thats selling it, i was at the pick-your-part today down off nirvana (for the SD locals) off the 805 and saw a clean supercoupe. it had everything there and looked to be in good condition. i cut the belt and gave the blower a spin and it spun freely. didnt appear to have any leaks or anything either. not something i need anymore as i sold all my stuff but thought someone here might be interested :) if someones REAAAALLLY keen id be willing to pull that thing apart and mail it but you'd have to pay me for my time and its depending on if its still there tomorrow afternoon. if so, please dont respond to me here as i seldom log on, email me at jpremo @ source (dot) net