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10-18-2007, 01:39 PM
I am selling a m5r2 sc 5 speed with all the parts for the conversion except for the pedals (i had already installed them when the car was stolen). The tranny came from a 93 i was told. I never got to install it just cleaned it up and looked inside. I have 2 driveshafts, the block plate, wiring harness, black 5 speed console top, cross member, and master cylinder tube. I also have a bunch of misc interior parts and switches. I live in Orlando Florida, 32701 so u can calculate shipping. Best cash offer. I accept paypal. I will seperate the items if nesassary.

10-23-2007, 03:04 AM
Is there a difference in the tranny between 94 and 93?

I'm researching what it takes to convert a 94 auto into a 5 spd

If I use your 93 stuff, will I need anything other than pedals and console? I already have a 95 5-spd eec.

10-23-2007, 06:37 AM
The 94/95 Manual tranny's had different gear ratios inside, otherwise, the 89-93 will work in your 95.
I am using an early style m5r2 in my 94 SC also.

Parts you will need ..

m5r2 w/ shifter + knob
Shifter plate
94/95 Center console top ( rare find, expensive if you do find one )
Clutch pedal and Bracket w/ switch and Master cylinder
Clutch Fluid resivoir
Clutch Fluid Line
Flywheel, maybe Clutch

Might want to replace the Slave cylinder, and get a new clutch, maybe pressure plate, surface flywheel + new bolts

You already have the EEC .. so besides that, you would need the 94/95 wiring harness to the M5r2 if you can find one, I modified the 89-93 harness and spliced into a 94/95 auto harness to use the connector on the dash .. few wires had to be switched around, etc .. but I wrote down what I figured out.

- Dan