View Full Version : New motor help???

12-28-2007, 09:38 PM
My tbird i have now has 215,000miles on the orginal 4.6L but a old lady had it and its never been ran hard, and does not leak a drop of anything, runs like new!! The tranny has been rebuilt and does 2nd gear scrathes very good!! But i want to spend around $3000 on the motor when i do it, and switch the rear end gears out to 3:73s, and im going to use this block thats in the car now, but tell me what i should do, or if i should try and find a used newer mustang gt motor like 01-04 or a used dohc motor!! let me know, ive never built a ford motor always bbc or sbcs so this is a little new to me, i have owned a 06 mustang a 98 and 03 mustang and another 94 v8 bird, but never did more than bolt ons!! So help me get the bird to fly!!!