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12-30-2007, 04:44 PM
Are they interchangable 89-95 sc? Not sure if any of the components (floater, wiring, isolator etc) are different. I'd like to buy a spare but I'm wondering if It matters what year i get it from.

PS I konw late model sc's came with that 'baffle' but thats usually deleted so that difference can be neglected.

91 XR7
12-30-2007, 05:33 PM
Since the capacity is different between 89-91 and 92+ tanks.. the sender reading will be alittle different.. But are interchangeable

I just installed a '94/5 SC gastank with fuel sender (put a 190LPH fuel pump) into my '89 XR7 and everything works like it should.. so far `half a tank' of fuel (or around 9 gallons) did bring the guage up to around 1/2 tank mark :)

My '91 XR7 (5.0L) i just used the orginal sender for the '89-91 tank when i did the '92+ tank on it.. it does read alittle a little (like a hair or two?) high. but you can hardly tell the difference. but with my '91 when the red warning light comes on.. it's time to find a gas station ASAP! :) (red light on it means about 2 gallons left)