View Full Version : O2 Sensor Codes

Joisey Jim
09-03-2002, 09:23 PM
I'm sure George D. can answer this one - but recently my "check engine" light has been coming on. It just flashed at first, but now it stays for a while. The codes are 181,189 & 214.
The 181/189 in my code book refer to O2 faults on both cylinder banks - "won't lean out at part throttle" (the 214 - "faulty cylinder identification circuit" appears to be unrelated?). At 100,000m I thought I'd better replace the sensors anyway, but that didn't help (the old ones were very clean except a little soot around the base). I've had a Bullitt MAF with the Optimizer (adjustable calibration) on the motor for a few years now, so as a check & to be safe I put the old stock MAF & electronics back on. However, I'm still getting the same codes. When I check them with my digital Equus reader it displays an EEC pass 111 code, then the 181, 189 & 214. Occationally the idle stumbles and, the "check light" comes on after I first drive the car in the morning for about 2 miles & the water temp. is starting to rise to normal.
Any ideas what's wrong, or what else I could check. Sorry for the long message.