View Full Version : WTB 5 spd SC or XR7 SC

01-06-2008, 09:24 PM
I am looking for a 5 spd SC any year or a XR7 SC. Must be 5 spd. I live in Indiana but traveling really isn't an issue(I work for an airline). I also have a couple of SHO's to off load if interested. I am not looking for any museum piece here.... just a decent SC that runs and drives well. djandrewsindy..@..hotmail...com.


01-28-2008, 04:10 PM
I have a black 1990 SC in good condition, 158,000 miles on body/chassis, engine has around 10,000 since having the top end done, out of a car that had 100,000 on it. Clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing have maybe 10,000 miles on them.

Gray cloth interior, trunk spoiler, the car is not pristine, but not bad at all; 2.5" Eiback lowering springs, 10% pulley kit, 100mm MAF, clear corner lights. 4 year old paint job, cleans up nice. I have a few extra parts, like extra bumper covers, side spoiler panels, hood & trunk lid, and misc engine parts, extra rims & tires.

The rear of the left valve cover leaks (hope to fix it this weekend) but it does not smoke or use oil. I'm an old guy have haven't dogged it, and the previous owners were also old guys.

If you're interested in something this far away, let me know, and i can send pics. I had been keeping this car to give to my 25 year old daughter if she ever got her act together, and she hasn't - so she is not getting it! She'd just tear it up.

I figure it's worth about 1200.