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01-14-2008, 01:50 AM
Vinces (Forum user name)
Vince Scutti
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I agreed to buy a front grey leather seat from VInce on this forum November 21st. I asked for shipping amount in the forum and in PM he told me $180 shipped. I agreed. Sent Money order (he refused to take paypal) on November 21st and he acknowledged receipt of it a few days later. Waited a week...said he was out of town could not ship...waited second week...could not find a box would go out right away,,,third week he's out of town again and can't find box...fourth week he forgot my address he would get it out latest the following Monday...fifth week says he's sick. Finally week 6 after I threatened to report him to internet fraud and this forum he says he boxed it up and would be shipping the following day. Remember this is six weeks after he received my money order. Tells me Fed Ex is $90 and UPS is $60 and HE thought it would be $30 and "he is not taking a beating" on the seat. Can you imagine after 6 weeks of excuses and delays he then tells me he won't sell me the seat because HE made a mistake in quoting me the price of shipping. Amazing. Said he would return my "check" (I did not send a check I sent a postal money order) last Monday because he is not selling me the seat for what HE quoted me...no check, no money order, no nothing.
This is my second run in with BAD SELLERS on this forum. Funny, I've been a ZX11 forum member for over 10 years now, a Hayabusa forum member for over 5 years, and an Ebay buyer and seller for over 7 years and nearing 1,000 feedbacks. I've never had this many problems with any sellers in any of these venues, and most certainly not in a forum dedicated to like minded interests (unlike say Ebay).

01-20-2008, 12:59 AM
Vince did send me a personnal check today with an additional $10...

01-22-2008, 06:07 PM
Make sure you include the details, on how you were offering $150 for the one seat, PLUS shipping. I thought you were the one that said it would be about $30 shipped in a dishwasher box, but i don't feel like wasting time looking for that email too.....

Make sure you also tell them how many times I apologized, didn't deposit your check for at least a month, and how I sent you and extra $10 ($190), out of the kindness of my heart....that's a cool 66.67% interest in one month, extrapulated over a year.....

From: Carlos Henry [mailto:gratefulcarl@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 3:17 PM
To: Vince Scutti
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I'll take them both for $200 or one for $150 then shipping. So whichever price works for you.
On 10/19/07, Vince Scutti <vscutti@premierchemicals.com> wrote:
For both? Or just the one?

From: Carlos Henry [mailto:gratefulcarl@gmail.com ]
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 1:11 PM
To: Vince Scutti
Subject: Re: seats

OK so do you want to check on shipping then I can send you the total?
On 10/19/07, Vince Scutti <vscutti@premierchemicals.com> wrote:
Never used paypal, but was told to steer clear….It was suggested to me to accept bank check or money order

They are yours, but my g/f's father wants to measure for his hot rod, but I don't think he is that interested, he likes the bench seat better

01-22-2008, 06:24 PM
Now you changed MY PRICE to just $100 for the seat??? I like how YOUR purchase price goes down as the cost to ship goes up...that's why I cancelled the sale. Theroetically, I should have contacted you, noted your offer for $150+SHIPPING, then asked if you still wanted it for $240+...my bad....I learned my lesson.

Re: Seat


[quote=VINCES]Ok, here's an update....i made a box and took it to the post office, becasue the cheapest price i got was $97 to maik it, fed ex ground. USPO was 87!!! i did it on line first, and got $38, but then they hit you with all kinds of fees for oversized, etc. I did UPS, with and without putting dimentions in, w/o them it was $48, then with it was $138.....i will stop at a store that does ups tomorrow after work, they are opened until 7...if they say it is mor than $40'ish, i will return your check tuesday.-Vince

Vince--check back over the post we estimated the cost would be $80 to ship whichever way not $40...so you'd be getting paid $100 for the seat. At this point with a 7 week delay I would think you'd just send the seat and be done with this matter rather than returning the money order...You might also check Greyhound freight to Oklahoma City that might be a little cheaper than the quotes you have found. You've made the box, labeled it, I've waited for weeks, ship the damn seat....

02-20-2008, 12:29 AM
Vince--you did send $10 extra THE DAY AFTER THIS BAD SELLER POST WAS LISTED. Strange coincidence? It took you seven weeks to find out the shipping charges. By that time I no faith whatsoever that you'd send me anything as you can surely understand. As for holding my check I did not send any check I sent you a money order...the money was gone when I paid for the money order I have no idea whether you held it or not. When I typed this post it was almost two months after you received my money order...that's just BAD BUSINESS any way you look at it.

02-21-2008, 02:50 PM
I remember being slightly annoyed when I cam accross your post, especially since I had already mailed the check. Thinking, yeah, he has a point on my procrastination, made me second guess the extra money. if i had read your post, why would I have sent the extra money? you had already slammed me.

I'm not a professional seller, like many seem to be on here. Almost made me second guess the time and effort of parting out the car. I still have stuff in my garage, and when i look to see if anyone wants anything, before one can reply, the same 2-3 people say they have those parts for sale.

All I was looking to do was part out a car from an accident, and keep a few parts for myself, and make sure the other parts went to good homes. i sold the engine to someone in MD, and was glad to have done that, because he was using it in a car that meant a lot to him, one he bought new back in '92, the day his daughter was born.