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01-15-2008, 03:51 AM
Here is some good reading for most all the posters in this thread. I will NOT have this board drop down to this level of bickering, name calling and just being childish. I will also take action against posters who continue to try and drag our board down to that level - George Davenport


SCCoA Forum Rules

These rules apply in all Forums on this Board
No name calling.
No direct or implied profanity. Just in case you are wondering, implied profanity would be the usage of symbols in place of certain letters of words that leaves no doubt in the mind of the reader the profanity intended. Example...."s**t" or "f**k you" would be clearly understood and would violate this rule.
No direct or implied threats.
No mockery.
No flaming.
No speculation as to the motives or intelligence of a poster.
No pornography, obscene graphics or links to such material is allowed.
No discussion of illegal activities is allowed.
Post information in the appropriate forum. Posts that are not in the appropriate forum will be deleted or moved to the correct forum.
We strongly request the users of these forums to agree to the following: when a message is posted that does not conform the above rules, DO NOT RESPOND! Allow the Moderators to take care of the problem. If you find a post in violation of the rules or one that is offensive to you, or that you feel might be offensive to others, please report the email to the Administrator using the button provided, and quick action will be taken on the post.

Posters who commit multiple rules violation are subject to being locked out of the member’s area, and having their board privileges suspended or revoked. This will only be done after ample warning is given to the poster.

While this is not a rule, it would be extremely helpful to all that might respond to your post, if you would use a meaningful title for your post. Titles like “Help Me!” or “I have a Problem” are not very helpful to people who are scanning the boards for posts they might answer. A short concise, description of your problem would be more helpful. Also, in your post some information on which year model car you have would help you get correct information. And when you do solve your issue, please post back with the results! After all, people took the time to assist you, the least you can do is let us all know what worked in your case.

Also, please use the extensive search features on the site before making a post! It won't always give you an answer, but it will help to cut down on the number of repetitive questions that are asked.