View Full Version : 1991 - 5.0 Thunderbird, For sale. Nor-Cal, SF Bay Area

02-08-2008, 12:53 AM


I would like to keep this car, but I have WAY too many projects around here. It had good potential. Heres a little breakdown ..

Car is pictured on the Right - Maroon Colored

1991 Thunderbird, 5.0. About 110k Miles, original. Car is mostly stock, engine is totally un-modified. Clean Title in hand. Smogged in October 2007, passed with good numbers.

Engine runs good. Alternator was replaced recently, but it has bearing noise. Unit is from an SC, so its 110 amps instead of 80 - custom bracket made, can also be used with 3G style 130A Alt.
Had a tune up not too long ago
New Power steering lines
New Catalytic Converter
New Window Tint ( limo all the way around )

The Bad ..
Tranny going out ( OD band - 3rd gear ). Will shift into 3rd when put in D, but not in OD - can drive over 80 mph when it does go into gear. Previous owner didnt have TV cable hooked to throttle body. Will need new OD band, rebuild, or replacement AOD soon.
Needs battery
Paintjob is bad, small dings and dents
Driver door is sagging, hard to close - I have new hinge pins and bushings, just havent put them in yet
No stereo
Interior is worn, typical 17 year old wear

If I think of anything else, I might edit this post.

Asking $700 OBO. Located in Campbell. Let me know if youre interested, we can work out a deal, I might have spare parts or can do a little work to it to sweeten the deal .. :D

PM, respond to this post, or leave a message at 408-379-5040.

- Dan