View Full Version : Where did scperformance go??

05-03-2002, 09:24 PM
I have left tons of messages and sent tons of emails to scperformance. He has my $$$ and he won't reply or call me back. What is going on? Anyone know Tom and know why he is not responding. He sent me an email back in early april that they had there systems back up after the burglary and that my parts were being shipped on the 15th of April. Since then I cannot get any response from him. April 5th is when I ordered the parts. I think tomorrow I will submit a compaint thru paypal to try to get my $$ back.


05-03-2002, 10:39 PM
Yeah,I would also like to know. They don't answer my e-mails and I recommended them to a friend. Now it looks like he got stiffed for an order. It really pisses me off. Any one know where the proprietors can be found? I would love to pay them a disgruntled customer visit.

ESM Direct Sales Rep
05-04-2002, 06:18 AM
I left the business due to the poor customer service the company began and continued to provide despite my extensive efforts to improve things. From what I have gathered, very few if any people had issues with the customer service until after I left. I am making that statement based upon customer feedback I have received as well as posts on the boards. I do not know what happeded nor why Tom hasnt kept up on the company. I do know that there are many people still waiting for the orders they placed AFTER I left to be filled or completed. This is very unfortunate, however out of my influence. Tom was quite disgruntled that I gave up my share of the company and apparently didnt realize the reponsibility he was undertaking by attempting to run SCPerformance without me. According to a few clients I have dealt with and continue to correspond with, Tom has done the following:
1) Ignored emails and phone calls for up to 9 weeks without reply or acknowledgement of receipt.
2) Failed to refund or provide parts which were ordered within the company's shipping policy
3) Gone so far as to tell one customer he didnt care about his order and he would get his parts or refund when he felt like getting around to it.
4) In writing made slanderous accusations about my leaving the company.
Well, I left because I wasnt happy. I have stuck around to try and help anyone I can who hasnt been serviced properly. I point people in the best direction I can to obtain parts they need at a cost efficient and speedy manner. Lastly, I have put off pending legal action against Tom for money withheld by him within the company which belonged to me personally so he could pay his debts out to the SCers he still owes. I dont expect to see what is due to me and can only hope those that are owed receive what is due to them.
Please read the following closely:
It is ILLEGAL to charge anyone for an order they place if the parts are 1)Not shipped within 24 hours of the receipt of orderor Not shipped within the written and publicized shipping policy without the consent of the purchaser. To not follow this proceedure in most states is fraudulant and the company is liable to lawsuit as well as criminal legal action. I recomend attempting to avoid this at all possible costs by contacting Tom Blanchard at his place of employment during the hours of 930am-430pm eastern. His work contact info is:
99 Bedford St.
Boston Ma. 02111
617-482-0069 ext.375
If he does not answer the phone, do not leave him a message, just call back later or dial in the operator and ask for him directly. Last I read, which was contained within a letter posted here on the board was a letter Tom wrote a customer which stating he was quitting the business and selling his SC.
Give me a ring at the # in my sig and I will direct you to a reliable source for the parts you require.

P.S. Out of curiousity, I called his local precinct and newspaper a few weeks back when it was brought to my attention that he had an "alledged" robbery. There were no records of this robbery on file. Strange, very strange indeed.