View Full Version : Big hole in the Western

03-08-2008, 12:32 AM
When I look at the member map (http://www.sccoa.com/member/maps.php), there is a big hole in the Western states that don't have any chapter to associate with.
Starting with Nevada, the Vegas people could join with the AZ or SoCal, the Reno guys have NorCal. Then there is me, 4 hours from Vegas, 4 from SLC, 5 from Reno... no-mans land.
Next is the people around Salt Lake City... there's a few. It still baffles me that there is no chapter around Bonneville
The Idaho people, you are close to the NW chapter as long as you are in West ID (you should be used to long distance travel by now)
Montana... a few blips on the map there, and Wyoming as well. Colorado is pretty much all Denver.
It's just crazy, I don't know if a chapter is even possible due to the sparse population of the various areas. For example, the county I reside in has a population of about 10,000... my county is the size of New Jersey. :p

We need a chapter centered around SLC me thinks. :D