View Full Version : nothing but a statement

03-16-2008, 02:33 AM
no harm ment,nothing to get anyone mad,and no disrespect.dont want trouble for myself either.
what is it with some of the people in this club posting dumb remarks to get post pulled,starting arguments,and bashing others for what they have done.i know i have not been the perfect person on here.But I for one am going to change my ways on here i like this place,but it seems to be on a down hill slope.i cant do this alone so lets ALL drop a gear and start climbing back to the top of the hill.I want to be here for a while to come.be proud of our fellow members for their hard work to be where they are and where they are going.so how about it no more bashing no more stupid remarks.i have very few friends here i want a lot of new friends.the few i have are SPECIAL.
hope i have not steped on any ones toes.loosing a limb is nothing to almost loosing your life.Im the lucky one,so time to change for the better.so i am for my family and this club which i am proud to be a part of.:)

03-16-2008, 07:11 AM
Actions always speak louder than words. Just follow the rules and drop it.