View Full Version : Vibration Damper (HB) Oil Pan Removal

09-07-2002, 01:07 AM
Any one know how to drop the oil pan in a easy fashion? I have two manuals that basically state you have to drop the sub-frame. I'm not so comfortable with that considering I have a floor jack and some jack stands. The other issue with that is how the heck you do it with out an engine lift of some sort. This whole situation started with a vibration damper and graduated to this. When I pulled the damper off i noticed a indentation on the back side of the vibration damper; I figured the last mechanic put it in a vise prior to installing, considering he used a hmmer to put the damper on. I come to find that the genius @ ford who last did the timming chain cover decided to smash the spring behing the front oil seal. When I removed the damper it fell into the front of the timing cover. I remived the littel bits of metal that was ther with a magnet. I then drained all the oil hoping it would come out, it didn't. I used a magnet to remove the other bits from the oil sump. I just can't get the one peice out. Any body got any ideas on how to resolve this easily ? Even to take off the timing chain cover requires the removal of the oil pan. :confused:

09-07-2002, 08:41 AM
Is it the spring that fell in the pan? If so, it is probably stainless and may not be attracted to the magnet. You might try some sitcky wheel bearing grease on the magnet end of you pickup and see if it will stick to that.

The oil pan is a real tough part to remove. Basically you do have to lower the subframe or raise the motor. Good news is that the timing chain cover can be removed without taking off the pan, even though the manuals do not say that. Just be sure that all bolts are removed from the cover before prying on it too hard. There are some small bolts at the bottom that are hard to see. Then just use a good silicone bead to re-seal it to the pan.

09-07-2002, 09:07 AM
I found part of the first part of the sping that must have sheared off when it was first started. It was stuk to the oil pick up I guess; Through the drain plug. The part that was possibly stuck to the damper is not in visible sight. The only glimpse I got of it was as removed the front ol seal. It was on the on the lip of the oil pan. It then proceeded to fall into the front of the oil pan. I don't know how to get to the front of the oil pan with a magnet, not enogh clearance, sprocket in the way. The only access is the drain plug, unless I remove the timing chain cover. Additionally, I have removed the damper & crankshaft pully. In the manual it states something about the #1 cylinder & after TDC is this nessary to remove the crankshaft position sensor? Why does the manual say you have to remove the oil pan ? :confused: