View Full Version : much audio gear cheap!!!!!

03-20-2008, 07:35 AM
2 of the new sony 1200 with the round window on top, pretty strong amps 100 each plus actual shipping
kicker dx 700 (3 30 amp fuses) this amp is strong as death 200 plus actual shipping

american bass 150.1 3500 watt .5 ohm stable monoblock
this amp wholesales for 650, sell for 500 like new plus actual shipping

i also have 3 xd 15's which are sick subwoofers for 150 each plus shipping still have original boxes for monoblock and 15's like new 3 weeks old

the mono block and these 3 15s ported was enough to muster up a 154 on the dash of an old f150 ext cab with the whole cab flexing out of proportion
to say the least its a sight to behold

also have 2 small matching older jvc 2 channels about 200 watt each for 40 each plus ship.

i have 1 brand new in box american bass xo 15 60 plus ship

i have 2 cheap dual 12s chrome for 25 plus ship 8 ohm each

i have 2 MTX THUNDER 9500'S mtxs 500$ a piece subs work great, one has a small repaired hole in dustcap, and both terminal blocks have been repaired
they sound awesome too they are single 4 ohm each
i will take 300 plus ship for pair.

all this stuff was tested or used by me personally
been messing with car audio gear for 15 years, for a living and a hobby
so all the gear is guaranteed to work upon arrival
all miswiring, use of small guage wire, lack of current, or misuse i wiil not cover. if i ship something and it doesnt work, you get your money back period

the 3 15s and the monoblock are still in my truck and can be auditioned 31606 is my zip code