View Full Version : Waterless Car Wash for the Bird

04-07-2008, 12:46 PM
I was wondering if anybody uses Waterless Car Wash on the SC's, and would be interested in a product which is all natural, and contains no chemicals.

This can be used for the outside and the rims. Some people use it also for the interior.

The product is called Magic Spray and Wipe and was inveted in Australia. I'm selling it here in the US.

I'm using it now over 2 years on all my cars, and I like the fact that I can get my car clean in 20minutes.

Here is how it works:
The formulation ‘LUBRICATES & LIFTS‘ the debris off surfaces, almost like making it ‘float’.
When the debris meets a clean, damp (very well wrung) quality chamois, it gets attracted into it.
That is why it seems so easy to simply spray and ‘wipe off’ dirt without scratching!
Simply rinse your chamois in a bucket of water regularly during the wash.
For insects on side mirrors, windshield and the front - spray the area and then gently run your
finger over these areas - the wipe with damp chamois or dry towel.

Go to my website for more info. carmagic.us (http://carmagic.us)