View Full Version : K-member install, anyone done that?

05-01-2002, 10:08 PM
We were wondering if anyone has (or heard of) installing a lightweight tubular K-member? Did it need to be welded in or bolt in? If none are made for T-Birds, did they weld in one , say from a mustang?

05-02-2002, 12:31 PM
Hmmm.. Our cars are unit body cars so any x-member pieces aren't going to be very large thus not much of a weight savings.

You'd save more weight by using light weight fenders and hood. Someone is working on a possible group buy for carbon fiber doors.

You could have some custom machine work done to make aluminum sub carrier components replacing the existing stamped steel rear suspension sub-assembly, and the front suspension sub-assembly. But those are big, and made out of steel for strength. I don't think they would work well made out of aluminum.

05-02-2002, 09:37 PM
But if you know of a serious speed shop or whatnot and got the cash, where they typically specialize in chassis and suspension fabrication, grab some parts off a wrecker, Front and rear subframe Assys and the suspension arms. Take these stamped steel parts over to them and show them the parts and ask if they can make them from Tubular Chrome-moly. They would be able to fabricate trick suspension peices that would bolt right in and maintain suspension geometry. They would be stiffer and lighter than the stock stamped steel parts. You would be losing alot of unsprung weight. Losing unsprung weight is like loosing cellulite, it is the hardest to lose fat, but offers the best results.

Anway it would be expensive but it would be totally custom.