1992 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe - "Cop-Tzr"
Owner 1994blkbirdsc

Vehicle 1992 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe
Engine Type 3.8 L V6 Supercharged
Color twilight blue metalic
Updated 08-12-2014 10:35 AM
Mileage 69,000 Miles
Purchase Date 05-30-2014
Total Modifications 0
Total Spent
Total Views 563

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For those who don't know this car, look up user name : SilverCaksket"
This car was the one every body gunned for.
Its magic is the cam. Steiig Custom grind.
This car was a beast, I say was because there is bearing material in the valve galley .
She laid down almost 450 at the rear wheels ??
Those who seem it, chime in, I know there was at least 2 people there with Anthony . On a ford rebuilt block ??
I have a balanced and Blueprinted block here as a replacement. Maybe another 10 hp ?
As time and budget permits.

The Cop-Tzr remains in a sheltered place,