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    The place it was stored there is 0 mice for sure but Iíll double check grounds etc. And will also double check voltage. I agree with the spirited drive

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    Running the codes may shed light (and save from throwing money/parts at it) - you can also use the opportunity to do a 'cylinder balance' test to see

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    So Iíll be driving along fine then all the sudden if it increase throttle the thing starts bucking. No matter what gear I pick, the severity changes with

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    Correct way to fill cooling system help?


    You may be missing the point. Sending units we can buy new today don't take any of the original variations into account and what is

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    Blower motor module

    looking for known good Blower module for a 93 SC with auto climate control. the thing that has two bolts and a connector on the blower case behind the

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