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  1. Need 90 sc EGR crossover tube - stainless with bracket tab and one small ofshoot tube

    Need 90 sc EGR crossover tube - stainless with bracket tab and one small ofshoot tube - anyone with a spare good one for sale, let me know. If i can't find one, I'll have to have someone stainless...
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    Poll: Blown head gasket at 86,000 in my 90 SC... must be that time.

    Drove from Prescott Valley AZ to Camp Verde AZ, over the mountains, just an hour's ride, with the AC on. Came back with AC off because it was almost pegging the gauge. No smoke, just runs hot. Drove...
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    I've decided to go with 18 Saleens... Sorry. Marty
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    Cobra Wheels

    To offset some of the shipping... how about 450 + shipping? It would be a done deal. Marty
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    Wheels sold?

    Shipping to 86315? Ready. Marty
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    Teeves Unit

    Interested in Teeves +coil pack +DIS + Cam Sensor + (any electronic shocks still working?) + JBL stuff. Package price ?? to 86315 - AZ. Marty
  7. Headlights

    How much to send headlights to 86315 - Prescott Valley AZ. Am ready to buy. Marty
  8. Odd dash brake light question on my 89 Cougar...

    Thanks for the responses. I'm trying all your suggestions. Here are some answers to your questions.

    The light is only yellow, not red. The fluid level is correct. As the car is a new acquisition,...
  9. Odd dash brake light question on my recently acquired 89 Cougar 5 speed.

    After installing a new battery and replacing the ignition key set, I seem to have a problem with the dash brake light not going out (not related to the hand brake). On one start up, run and shut down...
  10. Thread: spoiler

    by arizona90

    Spoiler for sale

    How about a photo of it? Marty
  11. Could you be more specific...

    Hi Mike... I'd like to know what your part numbers were and/or where you got or suggest I get them from (Tokico lowered springs and Illumina II shocks) as well as what spring rates you use. I'm sure...
  12. I am interested in the oil pan discussion but...

    I somehow can't connect to it... says can't connect to http: server... as far as oil pans go, I had a $460. one on my toyota 3TC ... worked great because of the baffles, gates and windage tray. It...
  13. Road Atlanta

    I envy you being able to run Road Atlanta. I've SCCA corner worked Road Atlanta, Daytona and Sebring but never got to race on any of those when I lived in Florida in the 90's. Didn't do any track...
  14. Track days info regarding shock/spring combinations

    As I want to try my hand at a track day with my 90 Bird, I'm wondering what the knowledgeable track day/autocross/road racers suggest as to a relatively stiff system. I will be using the car on the...
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    Now that I have another...

    [QUOTE=HoseHead;1066614]I have Qty 4 '90 OEM rims and caps in 9/10 or better condition if needed.
    Virtually new Dunlops too, if I recall.

    Buy it, ya chicken. Dare ya. Clutch cars rule.
    You need...
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    Sticky: Best of both worlds... soon.

    While I'm trying to get my 90 TBird SC into stock shape (fixing things so they work like they used to) I've become the owner of an 89 Cougar xr7 5 speed. It has had some work done on it and needs...
  17. I thought XR7Dave's study showed that the 95 manifolds were a better flowing design .

    When I read XR7Dave's study, it seemed to show that the 89/90 manifolds were a poor design as far as balance per runner compared to the 94/95's. My object is to let the car breathe better and have a...
  18. Best Bet on my 90 SC... change stock headers to 95 versions?

    As I now have a rather quiet stock exhaust, and to save my motor (headgaskets) because of the poorly designed ( I've read) stock headers, I believe the first thing I should do is to change my stock...
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    Thanks for all your help... problem fixed! Drives like it should.

    The final fix to my inability to go over 3,000 rpm in any gear, and sometimes even less, ended up being the fuel pump. My mechanic dropped the tanks and then showed me the crap inside. It then made...
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    Anyone in Arizona Supercouping anymore?

    Would like to hear from any Arizona Supercoupe owners to chat and possibly get together.... Marty in Prescott Valley
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    Answers to your questions....

    Can you rev it over 3,000 rpm in neutral? As in, not under load? -

    Yes, I did that when I got home from the dealer. It went to 4,000 the first time, and then started to cut out at 3,500 (or...
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    EEC and Cats Check this coming week...

    I'll find a new EEC and have the cats checked this week. My mechanic said that the MAF was fine, and that he cleaned it when he put the wires and plugs in. The guy I have working on my car is a 20...
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    And the dealer said it was showing that it was an auto trans, not standard.

    This fact that as the dealer was pulling the codes, it showed that the car was an auto not a standard, was my reason for pulling the EEC out to check out the numbers. I then ran the numbers by the...
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    Fault Codes Ford Dealer came up with...

    The dealer came up with...
    (72) Insufficient MAF change
    (73) Insuffieient MAP change
    (25) Knock Sensor circuit

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    The Ford Dealer says its the right EEC and some more thoughts...

    The dealer checked their books and said my EEC is the correct one for my 5 speed car. On the way to the dealer, five miles away, as I started getting onto the highway, the car accellerated to 4,000...
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