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    sent email

    Sent you an email about the balancer

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    Various parts cleanup garage

    5% alum Jackshaft pulley
    used - not by me - Power bond harmonic balancer 89-93
    Roller Rockers 1.73:1 aluminum
    94/5 New Old Stock Ford EGR Pipe

    I have not checked or determined prices.
  3. Drivers side catalytic or front section for 90

    Has anyone local got a decent used cat around for drivers side (which is a vertical connection to the manifold) my grey car has had a rattling catalytic since I got it and looking for a cheap simple...
  4. improved

    I actually got 1/8th of a turn on them both and with everything cold and 14psi on the pressure tester they are not seeping at all.

    Secondary - I have a TINY seep coming pretty sure from the timing...
  5. fittings

    Thanks, have lots of time.
    I think I will pull the rad out, and do similar as you suggest or take to a shop, it is in otherwise good shape.
  6. Leak at rad tranny cooler/tank fitting (see picture)

    Has anyone repaired this, maybe get a 1/4 turn more on it or other ideas?

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    ARC shocks

    I would be of the opinion that new in box on shelf will NOT degrade.
    The seals wear from movement, and further I might suggest that seals can be damaged if the rust builds up beyond the “normal”...
  8. Good hands

    Glad to notice tbird is in good hands.
    My thought would be to swap in a 6spd auto and transmission controller there is a bell housing adapter available for this.
    Pete R
  9. Sealing

    I’ll chime in....
    My experience - NO sealer - clean surfaces
    Leave the blower top bolts in but loose.
    Work up the clamp bolts evenly and do not over tighten.
    Let the tube joints, and...
  10. false alarm.....

    Got a chance to run codes - duhhh- opend the hood and the cliplead was on so it was actually starting and going into the KOER routine - :)

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    Did you receive my PM?
    Good to go on my end.
  12. Flasher module

    I have had intermittent turn signals before and resolved by changing the module.
    Even such that they work for several minutes when using the car and then stop working.
    The module is a quick easy...
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    Is this for an automatic with trans cooler fittings?
    89-93 version?
    Will you ship to Toronto Canada - my expense.

  14. Odd start up problem never seen or heard of before 90, Auto.

    I DO have something unresolved similar to a crank sensor failure but am able to move the car around ok usually.

    Today cranked and had a no start.
    Second try I got a start but with odd missing...
  15. Good Car

    The car is very good and worth a triple.
    Pay the asking, you will be happy and give it a good home.
  16. Rad leak at transmission cooler fittings - suggestions?

    My 90 has been leaking coolant - ONLY when cold - I was under looking at things and can see that the transmission cooler fittings - not the brass - but the largest 'circle' which is a fitting in the...
  17. Thanks - all back together and good

    Pulled the plenum (upper IC tube only with blower top).
    Tapped and installed a brass barbed fitting in the old hole.
    All back together running fine (IC tubes sealed).
    Will see if the CE light...
  18. Removing plenum

    I think I am just going to pull the plenum and do it right.
    Been a while, looking at the minimum stuff I can remove to do this, once in hand a good repair will be easy.

    hoping I can get it off...
  19. broken boost nipple on the plenum right by ACT

    SO I found a broken "old repair" the nipple is gone off the plennum this explains the gauge, AND POSSIBLY the lean condition (but only on own bank????)
    Regardless any neat suggestions on a fix for...
  20. Next week

    Thanks for the suggestion won’t get back to this till next week.
  21. Rattle noise IS definitely the drivers side catalytic converter

    Ran on hoist this morning and the noise is clearly from the DS catalytic.

    Inspected for evidence of leaks none found, will use USB camera next week.

    (oddity - did a movie and noticed boost...
  22. Thanks for some good ideas

    Yes Smoke test might be very helpful, Thanks for the reminder.

    The exhaust suggestions are good too, as I DO have a sound which is similar to an Exhaust manifold leak, just always figured it was...
  23. Code 91 lean on LEFT side only - CEL comes on after 10-15min driving, runs fine

    90SC Auto Bone stock, has thrown CEL all the time I have owned it and yet never failed etest.
    Throwing this out looking for ideas on why ONE side might throw a lean 91 code.
    O2 sensor is...
  24. Just Realized my 90' which works really well - IS R134a

    I did not remember or previously notice but when I went to look this morning having a conversation about this with a Refrigeration guy - my 1990 which cools very well - IS actually R134a.
    SO, a...
  25. 92 A/C conversion to 'proper" R134 (like a factory 134 car)

    I have a 90 with R12 and it works amazing
    My 92' has been converted to the consumer available "R12a" propane? hyrdrocarbon type refrigerant.
    This works OK, but nothing like as nice as the original...
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