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    with that being said

    With that info it looks like the best dates would be sept 25th to the 27th with everything else going on. We are sure that we are going to overlap with other stuff, but that is what happens.. So it...
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    if that is the case

    If that is the case then we should ban you from coming anywhere near this part of the world.....LOL. but no if you look at what got the racing washed out both times it was the effect of a hurricane...
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    will look at all dates

    This time of the year is always a crap shoot. The one big thing that gets us is this is hurricane season. You say WHAT?? yes that is what has washed out the two events in the past. The storm move in...
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    2020 mid west bash planning

    Well some people might think this is too soon but what the heck.. We are starting to put together next years bash now so everyone can plan on getting here this time. We are open to hear your ideas as...
  5. yes I do

    best if you send me a pic to make sure you get all you need or want....Rich
  6. how about those beer mugs??

    What did you think of those beer mugs you got?? Do you like them?? Let me know, I still have some left over.....that are for sale.....Rich
  7. thanks

    It was a lot of work but the results were well worth all the work.. Everyone worked to make it a great time and it did turn out great. Even the sat night cruise went off without any issues...Thanks...
  8. thanks

    The Bash was a work for everyone that was involved with it. We all thank you. Now as for the car it has been down the road but I have not tried out anyone with it. The thing is a hand full but with...
  9. here you go

  10. there is a still of it

    If you go to post 62 on the tread "things to do for the bash you can see a still of the car. it is on the right of the three 35th's sitting there.....Rich
  11. someone should have something.

    Someone must have done some pic's of it?? We did not get to go racing due to the weather not working out. I could fire it up and do a walk around if you want....Rich
  12. thank you

    Yes it is alive and running. I guess it must really sound bad because a guy in a z06 at the gas station started to talk smack until I opened the hood. That got a big I will pass on this one, sorry......
  13. first we got to get some done.

    Thanks for all the kind words here. We all did have a great time and we even had a great turn out of guys going on the cruise for dinner sat night. Sure the weather did kill the track plans but...
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    lot of good reasons....NOT

    Your call we all had fun and YES we did get to spend a lot of time OUTSIDE in the SUN.. as for the distance you could always move closer There are a lot of great jobs and nice homes in these parts.....
  15. Five things I learned from the Midwest Bash

    Five things I learned this week end...
    1] The people in the sccoa for the most part are die hards.
    2] 25 cars does make for a nice fun car show.
    3] Everyone had a lot of fun all weekend long.
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    less than 400 miles

    Less than 400 miles?? and how far was it to clay city for the rain.. Whatever maybe next year got to get to work here.....Rich
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    great to hear you got it done

    Great to hear your car is done. We all are going to have a great weekend no matter what the weather does. The last forecast does have rain, BUT it said to be over by 7:00am so there should be plenty...
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    you got it

    The weather for today was 30% and all we got was a few drops a couple of times. Not anything to even put the top up for if you got a conv... I think the real reason is some people did not get their...
  19. thank you

    Right now it does look like we will be ok. the rain is going to be late sat night and be done by early morning on sunday. The temps will be in the upper 70 to low 80's....Rich
  20. i have one for you

    tell me what all you need and I have you fixed up. The shipping might be something to watch as well. Let me know even send me a pic if you want of all you need....Rich
  21. this is your choice

    The weather for this weekend is NOT a wash out. fri 20% chance and 80 sat is 30% chance and 76 and sunday is also 30% with a temp of 74. they are talking that if it does rain it will be at night on...
  22. only 30

    the last report was only 30% and that was for late in the night.. with 75+ temps.....Rich

    5 for now
  23. MIA's from the midwest for the Bash

    Well looking at the list for the Midwest bash there are a few guys missing. Come on guys you all have said that the shoot out was too far away for you to come. Now it is in your own back yard and...
  24. Ready to go

    It looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Out of the garage and ready to go.
  25. ran into another issue

    well as I posted before I went and spent some money on a lentech trans for my 35th. So now I am ready to hook up the shifter only to find out that the shifter arm in the trans is installed upside...
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