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Thread: Which is worse? (pics)

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    Why oh why?

    The pink stang is bad (gotta be a girls car) and the satellite TV T-Bird is sacreligeous!
    Then it's the yellow and black haggard a** mustang with the stupid fart can. Jeeze! 55 must mean top speed. He even put his name on the top of the door. Wow.
    Here's a couple from the Tokyo Auto Salon 2002.
    I don't think you can get more ridiculous than these. Makes the "shogun" wing on an SC look stock.
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    Holy crap that's funny! i dont care where you're from!! Btw that black and yellow fart can stang made me throw up in my mouth a little.

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    LOL i called the owner of the bird and told him... Well im not allowed to say it on these boards

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    seems like shane (quick35th) saw all these pictures before getting the racecar, it has a little piece of each one of those cars on it LMAO!


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