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Thread: Question for those of you with 20" Rims

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    DJPhlex Guest

    Question for those of you with 20" Rims

    How many SCs actually have 20s?
    What size are you rolling on (like 20X8.5s or 20X9) and do your tires rub your wheel wells on turns?
    I am thinking about getting 20s and need the scoop on how rims that big will ride on a SC...
    let me know.
    -Aaron Pierre
    91 Black SC

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    Swoop Guest

    Stepin' it up to 20's!!!

    Hey bro glad to see ur man enough for 20's they look SWEET! IM runnin a 90 sc with 1.5" eibachs and 20x8.5 Alba Blaze wheels front and back. My tire size is nitto nt-555 245/35/20 I recommend this tire also, I have had them a year now and they look brand new still, and Im no sunday driver!!!
    As for rubbing....NONE,ZERO,ZIP!! DONT LET PEOPLE TELL U U CANT FIT 20'S ON A BIRD! Those people dont know @#%$. I had so many people tell me they wouldnt fit but they were wrong! The only place the tire is close is on the front where the inside of the tire is next to the upper A-arm but this moves with the tire so there is no rubbing!! IM hoping to airbag my car soon and it looks like I wont need much modification to fit those tires even when the car is on the ground.

    hope this helps u out Im glad to see more people with 20's on a bird cause its the sweetest lookin thing around


    90 sc black on black leather 5- speed k&n freeeflow exhaust and 20"dubs!!!!

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    SHOBird Guest


    can't say that i have 20's (yet) but my bird is dropped 2" and i don't see any problems. i'm debating between 19's and 20's right now, only because the rims i want aren't made bigger than 19". otherwise, it would be 20's for sure.

    swoop, scott m (bagged89) has a pic of a bagged bird with 20's on it on his website. i guess he had to do some tubbing in the rear to get the car to lay out. the tires hit on the inside of the wheel well due to the width. something to keep in mind when you do your airbags. btw, i had those same wheels only 18" and they are sweet.

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    DJPhlex Guest


    Swoop, what is your e-mail addy?
    do you got aol IM?

    hollar at me

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    darcsun Guest

    not 20's but...

    i got a 1.5 drop on my LX with the Xenon F/X kit and a set of 18" Enkie's. While not as drastic as the 20's I do have to endure alot more then average. Since I live in the Colorado Rockies, I have alot more elevations to contend with. Other then having to slow way down alot, I would see no problems with 20"s... actually, i have hit some pretty hard core speed bumps when i wasn't paying attention... as fast as 50. not one problem.

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    datarogue Guest

    Re: not 20's but...

    I just recently ordered some 18x8.5, but now that I see 20's can be fit on my bird, I'm real anxious to get those. I've called a few places, and they all said that no one makes 20's in 5x4.25, even the Alba Blaze. Do you guys have some sort of lug conversion kit? I'd like to get the Elite Impellers but I think they're only for FWD? I'm confused... Any help ASAP would be greatly appreciated.. I'd like to cancel my order for my 18's if I can get 20's.. Thanks guys,


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    johnny o Guest

    Re: not 20's but...

    You can convert the 4.25 to 4.50 fairly easily. Check this link:

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    datarogue Guest

    Re: not 20's but...

    ok, the front sounds pretty easy, however, the rear sounds like a pain in the butt.. it was kind of confusing as far as what modifications need to be done. could i just install the 5x4.5 hubs, and install the following brake kit:

    it says the kit comes with two rear end "flange brackets"... is that all i would need, or would modification/fabrication to the caliper brackets still be necessary? Thanks..


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    SHOBird Guest


    even though the tbirds are rwd, they still use a fwd wheel. so any fwd wheel will fit assuming the bolt pattern, offset, and backspacing are correct.

    you could also use adapters. however, they will make your wheels stick out approx 3/4"-1".

    i change the bolt pattern on mine to 5X4.5 and it was fairly simple. the front is just a matter of replacing the hubs with 94+ hubs and boring the rotor out slightly to fit the new rotor. for the rear, i just redrilled the hub, took out the old studs, and put new ones in the newly drilled holes. you can also use mustang cobra hubs for the year which would have the correct new pattern. those have to be pressed in.

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    datarogue Guest

    Re: 20's

    Yeah, I think I'll use the Cobra Hubs for the rear. When you say they have to be "pressed in" what do you mean exactly? My friend works at an automotive shop, but I don't think they have a hydraulic press... Do they need to be pressed onto the car, or pressed onto something that can be removed (so I don't have to take the whole car to the machine shop)?

    Also, what's the backspace/offset that I'm going to need with the new hubs? I heard something about how they stick out a little further than the SC hubs? Thanks,


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    SHOBird Guest

    Re: 20's

    you don't have to take the whole car. you can simply take off the spindle. the old hub will need to be pressed out and the new on pressed in. if you don't have access to an arbor press, swing by one of the local mechanic shops, they will likely have one.

    btw, you will more than likely have to buy the cobra hubs brand new so they may get pricey.

    i'm not aware of the front hubs sticking out any further, and i don't know about the rears.

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    datarogue Guest

    Re: 20's

    Well, looks like I won't be doing the conversion after all.. I called today to cancel my order for my 18x8.5"s and they said they are specially made order by order and they already started mine... they said it'd be a 10% fee to cancel the order... Oh well, the whole 20's project sounded too expensive/involved for me right now anyway...

    Thanks for all the help... someday i'll be "rollin' on dubs" hehe...


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    bagged89 Guest

    Re: 20's

    Swoop, here is the pic SHO was talking about
    e-mail me if you have questions about it. i know sme things about it or

    here is my new web page that is still in the works.

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    Tory Smith Guest

    Re: 20's

    Hey. I need to know what you and others are doing for a skid plate? I cracked my oilpan and would like to fab one but wonder where would be a good place to bolt it to under the car.

    Cuz im gonna slap my cut springs back on for fun and don't want to do another oilpan swap .


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    bagged89 Guest

    Re: 20's

    the skid plate on my '89 is welded to the front crossmember. it is 8"x12" . 12" in the long direction, it just cantilevers off the crossmember. its 1/4" thick. It hits road dots and drags when i let the air out and its held on fine.

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