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Thread: Question for those of you with 20" Rims

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    PowderBoy Guest


    kmc does make a few wheels for our cars, to me 4-5 is a lot, considering most manufacturers dont do @#%$ for it. thats sweet how americas tire co matched, thats what discount tire co is out on the west coast, since discount tire center has a trademark or something. it's nice having the power to match, that way when someone comes in with a quote from somewhere else, pep-boys mostly around here, we hack the hell out of everything and hook the customer up with a massive deal. what'd you pay for the wheels and tires anyway??

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    bagged89 Guest

    Re: sweet.........

    $1886 wheels, tires (kumho), locks, and thats it, no road hazard or anything extra like that. i suauly don't have tires more than a year anyway. bad camber.

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